11 Best 144Hz Laptops to Buy in 2023 [Great Performance]

11 Best 144Hz Laptop

If you are looking 144Hz laptops for Gaming, Editing, and many daily life tasks then you are in the right place. Here you will get a detailed guide. We choose 20 laptops that have 144hz refresh rates but we finalized only 11 laptops after testing that have great performance. The 144Hz screen reduces screen tearing, … Read more

Best Gaming PC under $700

Best Gaming PC under $700

SO Welcome back guys after a long time. I am back on my website. Today we build the ultimate Best Gaming Pc under $700.This build under $700 will provide you a decent performance. Our main focused is providing you the best components in this Gaming PC Build that provide you the best Performance in this … Read more

Best PC Build for Gaming and Video Editing under 1000$

Budget PC Build under 1000$

If your budget is around 1000$ for the best gaming and Video editing Pc Build that provides you the maximum performance then you are in the right place. Today I am going to show the Powerful Gaming Pc under 1000 that runs almost all the latest games with maximum to maximum performance. In the market, … Read more